Why buy local?

Why should you buy local food? It is an interesting question to ask. Last year as we all know was a tough year. First the lock downs and of course the soon to follow toilet paper shortage. It made us all take a step back and take a look at where our food comes from. Unfortunately in Illinois we don't live in a warm climate where tomatoes are abundant all year long so we have to sacrifice those in the winter time, unless you can them. We can get into that later in the year.

Let's get back to the topic of local food. One big reason is your money stays local. Any time you spend money with us we always look to spend our money on local businesses. which in turn truly does make your hard earned dollar stay local. What is more cool than that.

Another reason to buy local is that you get to know who grows what you eat. I always enjoy talking to customers on a regular basis about how we grow our veggies and what we use. I take great pride in providing you our customers with the freshest and cleanest produce I can provide you. This year we plan on having some events throughout the summer at the farm, that way you can see with your own eyes how we do thing.

As always thank you from us at the farm for buying our farm fresh produce.

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