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2023 a year full of surprises so far.

Every year seems to be different for us here at the farm. The typical struggles of weather, weeds and bug. But for some reason this year has started off different. We haven't got anything planted yet and the struggle is mounting.

We had some issues with continuing the lease last fall. Thankfully this spring it was cleared up in time for planting. We are so grateful for that.

Next is the bank, good lord do they like to hound you. Thankfully most of our loans were operating loans. Similar to what a credit card might be. We reorganized those and got that straightened out.

Then we have the biggest pain in the dairier certification. We know that you all love we are certified organic, but it seems they like to make it harder and harder each year. Not sure if the inspector and office people are talking into cans with strong, but they seem to be broke every year. Oh well, we'll figure it out and keep our certification up to date.

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