Welcome to the farm.

Good afternoon everyone.

For those of you that are visiting the site for the first time I would like to welcome you and give you some history on our little farm. My wife Rebecca and I started the farm in 2018 with the hope of bringing fresh local organic produce to the market at a fair price. Our thought was that you the consumer shouldn't have to choose between cheaper alternatives and fresh certified organic produce based on a huge price discrepancy. So we started our little adventure on our 15 acres of the world just west of our hometown in Marengo, Illinois. Our first season we had a lot of road blocks and speed bumps along the way. We both continued to work full-time while trying to farm. Even with those road blocks we persevered and learned from our mistakes. This past year, we lowered the total amount of acres in production to make sure you the consumer were getting a quality product at a fair price. We also expanded the types of produce we had from 4 staple vegetables to 10 vegetables.We were also certified by The Real Organic Project. What a great season we had. I'd like to take a minute to thank those who came out supported us this year at the Marengo and Huntley Farmer's Markets. This year we plan to expand the number of products we are producing as well as our outlets. We are partnering with All Grass Farms in Dundee to provide more produce to more consumers.


Kyle and Rebecca Dionne

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