Warm weather welcomes spring cleaning and planting.

Let me start by saying it's finally Friday. I hope you all have a safe and pleasant weekend. The weather is looking better and better.

Around the farm we are running out of room to start plant's. Hopefully we will be planting soon. As of now we already have planted, brussel sprouts, broccoli, onions, leeks, kale and cabbage. All of these are cool season crops they can be planted early without the risk of frost killing them. Our hopes are this weekend to begin planting our transplants and maybe even direct seed some beets, carrots and radishes. Even with the warm weather we will cover them with row covers. Then with any luck we will be harvesting our short season crops by the middle of April.

Along with planting comes the dreaded task of cleaning up. The one thing everyone hates. We want our farm to look good as well as produce good. So we are going to spend the weekend cleaning up and making things look nice.

Thank you for reading.

KRD Farms crew

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