Uncertain times and the resiliency of the American public.

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all safe and healthy during these uncertain times. We know that in the forefront of your mind is the health and safety of your family, it is in the forefront of ours as well. That has not stopped us from continuing to plant veggies for you. A short update on what we have planted: brussel sprouts, leeks, kohlarbi, artichokes, radishes, peas, beets and carrots are in the field. At home we have: cabbage, kale, broccoli, summer squash, tomatoes and cucumbers. We are working hard to make sure that you have access to high quality organic produce.

With all these plants planted we are just as uncertain as you. Farmer's markets are closing for the near future which leaves us in a bind and needing to adapt, which we are, but we need your help. We are looking into at a minimum, 1 day of home deliveries and opening a stand at our farm. We know some of you live far and wide and we would want to make sure you are home when we deliver. We will also have product available at All Grass Farms in Dundee this year.

We are evolving with the situation as efficiently as possible. When we do get through these troubling times, the American people will come out stronger. That is just the American way of doing things, pick yourself up by your bootstraps, get to work and build America back up.

Please comment the days you would like to see us set up a farm stand at the farm as well as deliver to your home.

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