To know soil is to know life.

My background is in soil science, so it wasn't a big leap to go from working in the fertilizer sector to farming. But the bigger leap was going from the convetional farming to organic farming. It's a steep learning curve, we aren't even close to the peak yet.

The best way to describe the difference between the two type of farming would be to take an encyclopedia and we will call that conventional farming and the products you can use, organic farming on the other hand is like a thesaurus on what you can and can't use.

So you ask what does this have to do with the soil? Well one thing we can not use is synthesized fertilizer, all our fertilizer comes from natural sources. The limiting factor for our sweet corn is nitrogen. So we plant crops that fix nitrogen called legumes, those include green beans and peas as well as alfalfa. The crops have what we call nodules on their roots, these help fix nitrogen for the plant. But these can't do the job alone, the need tiny little helpers called rhizobia bacteria, these are beneficial bacteria that help the nodules produce nitrogen. If there isn't enough rhizobia bacteria in the soil the plant will produce less. We found out in our soil we needed to help our little plants out so we added an innoculant to our soil, this adds the needed bacteria to the soil so they can produce more nitrogen which in turn produces more veggies. So all in all it makes more fresh veggies for you guys.

So in our efforts to produce more for you we want to build our soil up. By building the soil we can produce more for you. So our plan is to add cover crops to our rotation, when you add different cover crops or a mix of them to the farm you add different bacteria to the soil, when you do that the soil becomes more diverse and produces healthier more productive plants.

So all in all after this long and lengthy read, we plan to continue planting and making our farm more productive.

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