The value of trust

We are so glad that you our customers trust us with providing you healthy food. Trust as I know it is something that is earned not given. You trust us with the health of you and your family, we greatly appreciate that.Words can not describe how we feel at the farm. A little over three years ago we started with a dream of farming full-time and this year we feel closer than ever, how does this equate to trust you may ask? Quite a bit actually, from your first purchase you trust us, we earn it which is the only right way to do things in our eyes, we don't want you blindly buying things from us. You trust our recommendations whether it be on radishes or tomatoes. You talk to us and build a relationship built on trust. We appreciate meeting all of you whether it is at a market or at the farm if you stop by.

Another thing many of you have trusted us with is your email. It is personal information and we never share it with anyone. That is a huge hurdle to just across and the ultimate show of trust in us. As most of you know we've started an email list, it's small but we would love for it to grow. For those that want to join our email list there are a couple ways to do it. Message us on Facebook is one way to do it. The other is to visit the website and shoot us an email. By joining the email list you will be rewarded with an extra recipe. As you saw in the last blog we find simple recipes that don't take too much time. Along with the extra recipes we are going to open up our harvest box sales to our email list first, so you will get the first chance at getting a box for pickup at the market or pick up at Wayne's Country Market in Marengo.

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KRD Farms Team

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