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Summer weather and the start of a busy market season.

Sorry for the long wait between blogs. But there are some fascinating things happening at the farm. First of all we've been busy planting over the last month. We transplanted quite a bit since the warm weather has arrived, winter squash, summer squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Some more great news for you, our valued customers, not only is Huntley Farmer's Market next weekend but Marengo go approved for their market as well. So we will be in both those locations this year. Also we have partnered with a local butcher shop in Marengo to have produce available all week.

Those who have been watching our facebook know that we have radishes available, shortly we will have kohlrabi, sugar snap peas and kale available. Our sweet corn and green beans are coming up which is great news. We can't wait to have them available for purchase.

Thank you for you patience as we grow.

KRD Farms Team

Kyle, Louis and Rebecca.

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