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As you should be aware by now we have an online store with most of our products that we will have available this summer. We will be adding more throughout the year since they will be determined on how our crop turns out ie. sweet corn and strawberries, everyone's favorites. We want to make your online shopping experience as seem less as possible. This is our first year doing this so there will be some growing pains, please bear with us while we do this. So for ordering online there will be 2 options pickup in Huntley at the market or shipping (which will be pick up in Marengo). Unfortunately we can't do 2 pickup sites at this time.

Marengo market orders will have to be shipped to a certain address. This address will be 315 Hale St. Marengo IL, 60152.

Orders for weekend markets must be received no later than 4pm on Thursday afternoon. If getting to either market is a problem for you let us know we will be happy to arrange another location to drop them off at. For these there may be a charge added if it is not in the town of Marengo.

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