New Year, New Plan. Same great Vegetables

We've officially started planting last weekend, bulb onions were planted in flats in the house. They will be transplanted outside by the later part of March. In the coming weeks we will be planting; kohlrabi, broccoli, lettuce and many more. Our hope is by the first part of March to be planting direct seeded crops in the field., This year we are planning on doing some events at the farm, one of which we are calling sow a row. Where we will invite you and your family to the farm to plant a row of crops. Then (with your consent) we will place your families name on a stake next to the crop and watch it from plant to harvest. That way you can follow your favorite veggies from start to finish.

As we have previously discussed we will be doing harvest boxes this year. They will be comprised of 3 or 4 vegetables that are in season, most likely the first boxes will have radishes, peas and kohlrabi in them. They will be priced at $10 per box, so reasonable but you will get your money's worth. We will have them available through our website, which now has a store that you can pre-purchase vegetables and pick them up at our markets as well as Wayne's Country Market in Marengo.

We are also going to roll out a program called veggie of the month. We will highlight the health benefits of the vegetable and put a recipe here on the blog for the veggie. For those on our email list we are also going to be sending you another recipe just as a thank you for giving us your email. If you aren't on the email list and want to be all you need to do is contact us through the website and email us that you want to be added to the list.

Thanks for Reading,

KRD Farms Team.

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