Making veggies fun again.

So our goal for 2021 is to make veggies more fun. What do we mean by that? More fun to eat more fun to cook.

We are hard at work finding quick and easy recipes for you guys to try in 2021. All recipes are from 10-30 minutes to complete. Because in our busy lives who has more time than that to put a fresh healthy dinner on the table. I know we don't, with the farm and our little man starting to walk around and go through every cabinet in the house.

We will post 1-2 recipes a month on the blog and if you've signed up for our e-mails you'll recieve another recipe in each email.

We are also looking into how to store your fresh veggies so you can have them all winter long if you want to have our wonderful veggies all year long.

Just a nibble of what we've found so far; did you know you can blanch and freeze sugar snap peas. Imagine fresh sugar snap peas when there is snow on the ground in the middle of December, or like this year, it's just gloomy.

Thanks you for reading.

KRD Farms Team

Kyle, Becky and Louis.

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