Living in the spotlight 

For most farmers the spotlight is something they stay clear of, keep it at arms length per say. I am like most, I hate the spotlight. Unfortunately we are sometimes faced with going outside our comfort zone or watching something that we have so hard for falling apart. That is what any market farmer is faced with.

Farming has a nostalgia behind it of a farmer sitting on a tractor from dawn til dusk, for us this isn't the case. We still get our hands dirty, creating a special bond with the soil and our crops. It is an amazing experience watching something grow from a little seed and being able to watch someone purchase it from you to enjoy. That is why we do what we do. It isn't for the spotlight to be shed on us, it is the joy of watching someone purchase our products week after week throughout the summer and fall months.

With the spotlight comes controversy as well, I am all to familiar with that. Being certified organic, we are somewhat of a black sheep. What makes it more interesting is that I (Kyle) still work in conventional agricultural, you can imagine the grief that I get. I've learned to grow a thick skin. Unlike some in the organic community, I don't condemn conventional agricultural, we all have our place, but we also have the duty to give consumers the choice. That is why we went organic consumer choice and providing quality nutrient dense organic food.

We owe a debt of gratitude to those who have continued to purchase our products, especially since we are only now starting year 3 of this adventure and still learning. For that we thank you.

With many thanks

Farmer Kyle.

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