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Family traditions.

Boy it's been nearly a year since we've posted. Where has the time gone? Sorry for the complete lack of post's. We'll try to get better.

So you ask why the title of family traditions? We have a couple if you have been coming to the markets for a few years you'll know one. The other is a new tradition we are starting.

So the first tradition we have is one many of you know by now. Our strawberries we sell to you and that you enjoy date back generations. They were Kyle's great grandpa's. They were taken from his farm to their house in Huntley and some were transplanted to his great Aunt's in Union. Soo they will be at our farm. Yes we know they are small but they pack a sweet and flavorful punch. We hope you enjoy.

Our new tradition starting this year is planting potatoes from my great aunt and uncle's land. This year we will have them for sale but in limited quantities. We want to keep them for future years.

I guess you can also count another tradition in there as well. Becky's dad used to farm and now we are continuing that just in a different style of farming.

Again we are truly sorry for not keeping you up to date on farm news.

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