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Don't let life pass you by

We are getting to the heart of spring here around the farm shortly. Plants will be flying off our shelf at home and into the ground, weeds will start growing and corn will need planting. With all the hustle and bustle plus a full time job it's easy to get burnt out. This fails in comparison to what most of you have been through in the past year. Luckily our son isn't in school yet and our largest hurdle is finding a babysitter. For you at home it's a daunting task, zoom business meetings, kids at school through zoom and much more it becoming more "normal". It is just the unfortunate reality of what we have been through. We personally don't have a whole lot going on around the farm through the winter so we get it there are times when you are nearly at your wits end, just take a step back and breath. Spring and summer are nearly here, meaning more time to be able to get away from it for a few short minutes. But don't let that discourage you from taking time as a family to spend memorable moments together.

If there is one thing I have learned in my 30 short years on this earth is that life is precious and don't let it pass you by. Yes you may be at your wits end, we all get there. I was there last summer when weeds were growing so fast and a full time job to boot. Fortunately enough for me I get my winters to reflect on what I did wrong, but you yourself need to find a little time to or you will let life pass you by. We take an evening or two off a week during the summer, we also walk as a family, our 2 pups included. Usually I let loose and walk in shorts. For many of you who go to markets, you know I never wear shorts in public unless it's to unwind. You may ask well that is 3 seasons of the year we can do that, what about winter? Ah yes that dreary cold month of winter, We usually wind up starting a puzzle and once a month invite friends over for a game night just something to take our minds away from the mundane tasks we do every week or month. We have some hobbies as well that can be done outdoors as well as indoors. You'll just have to find yours.

We hope this helps, and the cabin/Co-Vid fever ends soon.

Sending well wishes your way

KRD Farms Team.

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