Big news for 2021

Sorry for not blogging is so long. We got wrapped up in a busy summer season and fall set upon us quickly as well. Now that things have settled down we have a minute to breathe, well sort of with an almost 1 year old crawling around there is never a dull moment.

First off we want to thank you for an amazing 2020 season. We as much fun growing your produce as you did eating it. Even though it was a challenging year we were happy you stuck with us.

So to 2021 some of you know we are goimg to roll out harvest boxes next year. We are starting with a limited number, only 10 to start, this may increase if the demand is higher. We will keep you informed on what will be in the boxes and where to pick them up ( if you can't pick them up we can deliver for a small charge). Orders will open on Sunday, since we will be at the farm most of the day.

Another thing we will work hard at doing is blogging more to keep everyone up to date and emailing more. If you aren't on the list but want to be let us know. The plan is a blog a week with some quick recipes to make, because who has time to cook a 4 course meal that takes 2 hours in this day and age. We'll also add in some tips on how to preserve your veggies for the winter so you can have farm fresh veggies all year.

Again thank you for such a great year. We look forward to seeing you next year again.

KRD Farms Team.

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