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Baby Food Scare

We know many of our customers have young children. We do to, so it was much to our surprise when we heard on the news that baby food is now being found with high amounts of heavy metals. A lot more than is normal in most regular human food. Boy was that a shock to the system. Your precious young child is being poisoned by big corporations. Luckily for our little one we made our own. We know for some it's tough to get home and cook a good meal for your family. So that is why this year we want to make it easier for you. As most of you who follow us know we've been putting up recipes and those on the email list you get an extra one.

We hope this helps you feed your family eat healthier, because that is our goal for this year. We will continue doing this also we are going to teach you how to preserve some of our veggies for the fall and winter months. So later in the year check back with us to learn how to blanch and freeze most all of our fresh veggies.

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