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Always learning

We had the pleasure yesterday of attending an organic vegetable conference in Madison Wisconsin. This is part of our continuing effort to bring our customers the highest quality products. We arrived around 9 am to start the conference, the morning session was about farm resilience. After lunch there were break out sessions, some were crops and some were disease and insect management. Both Rebecca and I chose the crop sessions. The two crops highlighted were leeks and beets. Both of which are crops we intend to grow this year. Presenters were from 3 different sizes of farms, ranging from just 2 acres all the way up to 40 acres of production. The depth of knowledge was phenomenal, both Becky and I learned so much in such little time. The conference is 2 days unfortunately we were only able to attend 1. We look forward to attending more conferences in the coming years.

Meanwhile back here at the farm, we started planting onions, leeks, brussel sprout, artichokes and kohlrabi. The onions got a hair cut, we trimmed the tops (which we learned after the fact most farms don't do that). In the coming weeks some more crops will go in such as; broccoli, cabbage, kale and possibly soon some tomatoes. We will keep you up to date on planting and harvest availability when it come to that time.

Thank you for reading

Kyle and Rebecca Dionne

KRD Farms Team.


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