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Farmer's Market

Spring 2020

This year our produce will be available at markets in Huntley and Marengo. As well as All Grass Farms in Dundee.

New Products

2020 Growing Season

For the 2020 growing season we will be adding multiple new products. A few of the highlights are: strawberries, asparagus, watermelon, canteloupe and many more. we will update you as they become available

Returning Favorites

2020 Growing Season

No worries, with all the new products coming out we won't forget your favorites. We will still be growing the staples we have grown the past 2 years.


Our Products


Signature Vegetables

We offer a wide variety of USDA Certified Organic vegetables. Our staple vegetables over the past few years include: sweet corn, green beans, peas, tomatoes and carrots. We here at KRD Farms are always striving to provide nutrient dense and flavorful organic produce.

New Arrivals

Along with everyone's favorite from past years we are add new products yearly. Please check out our blog posts and Facebook page for updates on planting progress and what is available for purchase.


All of our products are grown to the strictest of Organic standards set forward by the USDA.


Come on Down to the Farm!

710 E Van Buren St. Marengo Illinois 




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